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We are proud to present Amrutam - it's pure, hand-churned ghee available in two variants: Desi Cow Ghee and Gir Cow Ghee. A technology proven through thousands of years of testing, Amrutam is suitable for all age groups. It is especially recommended for cardiac and cancer patients, pregnant women, and growing children.

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The quality of products is very good and the products are all genuine with no artificial chemicals. The ghee is truly "Amrutam" to the "halahal" (junk food) one consumes on a daily basis. Do try!

Much more than you see

Each kilo of Amrutam is made from 30 liters of pure, A2 milk. Every spoonful provides 30 times the nutrition and energy than milk. Why not indulge in an element with superior quality, a premium treasure.


Fight Cholesterol and Cancer

An excellent source of vitamins A, D, E, and K2, Amrutam ghee provides our bodies with Omega-3s, which helps lower unhealthy cholesterol and subsequent risk of heart diseases. Most importantly, it detoxifies carcinogens (cancer-causing elements).


Amrutam’s pure desi cow ghee packed with nutrients and has multiple uses in diets such as the Keto diet. You know you've made the right choice. We have customized packages suited to your use: cosmetics and massage (25 gms), spoonful for medicine (250 gms) and for your daily meals (1L).




Invest in your family's health, today.