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Why use milk from desi cows instead of Holstein cows?

A1 cow breed include Holstein, Friesian and Ayrshire, which are available abroad. However, desi cow breeds like Gir, Rathi, Kankrej, Sahiwal, etc., produce A2 milk. A2 milk is the ideal way in which the milk should look, taste and be enjoyed – as nature originally intended. A1 and A2 beta-casein are two types of proteins found in different milk varieties. BCM-7 is an opioid peptide that is released during the digestion of A1 milk. Since it is not absorbed well by the human body, it may trigger adverse health effects like Type 1 diabetes, neurological impairment, autoimmune disease, or heart disease. Therefore, milk from desi cows or A2 milk is beneficial for many people as it has hypoallergenic properties and multiple health benefits. The primary ingredient in Amrutam Ghee is A2 milk and is, therefore, safe to consume. You can read about it’s benefits here.

How does ghee help in reducing cholesterol?

Scientific research has demonstrated that various forms of fats, like ghee, seem to have a complex effect on human health. A2 cow Ghee is, in fact, a saturated fat and if it makes up less than 10 percent of the diet, it can reduce cholesterol by triggering an increased secretion of biliary lipids. Despite their bad reputation, saturated fats are essential as they help boost immunity and keep viral infections at bay. You can read more about cholesterol in ghee here.

Is Amrutam Ghee safe for lactose and beta-casein intolerant individuals?

Yes, it is completely safe for the lactose and beta-casein intolerant. Amrutam A2 cow ghee is made using the 'valona' or 'bilona' process which eliminates the milk solids or other impurities of your regular dairy products. It has a low lactose content. Therefore, a person who is lactose or casein intolerant will be safe from any adverse reactions.

Where can I buy a jar of Amrutam?

Amrutam Ghee is available for purchase on our shop page. If you'd like to place a bulk order, contact us directly. You could also place an order for your jar of health on Amazon, Scootsy, BabyChakra, Qtrove, Firstcry, and Gaukranti.

What are the areas in which you deliver?

We deliver throughout India. Your jar of health will be delivered straight to your kitchen. Notice: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we may not be able to deliver to areas in India that are containment zones.

How do we know that the ghee is made specifically from A2 cow milk?

Unfortunately with A2 cow ghee, there are no specific tests to prove the same. Your experience and the trust emerging after the use of this product is the most important certification any brand can earn. We care for your health as much as we care for our own. (A lot)

What are the types of ghee that you produce and deliver?

We have two variants of ghee: desi cow ghee and gir cow ghee. You can check them out here. To know how gir cow ghee is different from desi cow ghee, read about it here.

How is Amrutam different from other brands of ghee?

The finished product, i.e. Amrutam Ghee is a result of a lot of R&D to ensure that you receive the best, creamiest and the most nutritious ghee. The ghee is produced explicitly from the Vedic 'bilona' or 'valona' process, untouched by machine and chemicals, completely hand-churned. It is A2 ghee in its purest form. You can about the reasons to try Amrutam Ghee here.

Is it possible to sample Amrutam ghee?

Sure, we have a Try&Buy Jar - 250g pack available in desi ghee and Gir ghee variants which you can purchase and sample. We're sure you'll love it. Visit our shop page to place your order.

Do you deliver A2 cow milk?

Although we’d love to delivery A2 milk, too, we don’t deliver it at the moment. However, we will do so in the future. To stay up-to-date with the latest news on our products, enter your email here. We promise not to spam you.

Can I place a bulk order for ghee?

Yes, we do take bulk A2 cow ghee orders. We also provide discounts on orders of 5 litres and above. To place your order, email or contact us.

What are the cows that produce the milk for Amrutam Ghee fed?

Our cows are fed with the most nutritious fodder, grass, herbs and liquids that are good for their health and produce the best A2 milk and by extension, the best A2 ghee.

What are the product certifications?

Amrutam Ghee is an FSSAI certified product.

What is the approximate delivery time?

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we may not be able to containment zones. However, in other areas, we may be able to deliver your jar of health within 5-7 days. We will intimate you in case of any delay in delivery. We appreciate your understanding during these tough times. –––––––––––––––– For orders within Mumbai, the delivery time is approximately 2-3 days. Out of Mumbai delivery time is approximately 7-8 days. International orders will take 12-15 days. If the orders take longer than usual to reach you, please bear with us. It depends on our delivery partners too and any unforeseen circumstances.

Is it okay to continue to store ghee in the packaged jar?

Yes, you can. Though we suggest you put it in an earthen pot, as an alternative you can keep it in the jar provided by us. The jar is airtight and will keep the constituents of the ghee intact. Furthermore, you can store this ghee in the refrigerator. Storing it in a silver container is a healthy option, too. Ghee can stay out on the counter for up to a month and lasts in the fridge for about 12 months beyond the shelf life period.

Is ghee a substitute for all the available edible cooking oils?

Yes, it is. Pure Desi Ghee has a high smoke point (485 degrees F). This has to do with the molecular structure of saturated fats. Saturated fats contain no double bonds so are not sensitive to heat, light or oxygen, unlike unsaturated fats.

Is ghee good for infants, kids and pregnant women?

Diet is an important factor for pregnant women as much as the development of the unborn child. Ghee consumed in moderate amounts is good for the health of the mother and the baby, but in excess amount, it could lead to weight gain and obesity. Here are some of the benefits of ghee for pregnant women:

  • Relieving constipation in pregnancy
  • Development of the baby’s brain
  • Easing labour
  • Improves digestion
  • Nourishing the baby
You can read more about it here.

What is the shelf-life for ghee?

The average shelf-life is 18 months. However, if you store it in the refrigerator, it will last longer.

Is it good for cancer patients?

Ghee has shown to have potent anti-cancer properties. It is rich in short and medium chain fatty acids that are shown to have anti-tumour effects. The linoleic acid in ghee has also been shown to protect against cancer. Furthermore, the vitamin A and the other antioxidants in ghee (Vitamin E, Selenium and cholesterol) can protect you against cancer as well as heart disease.

Is it organic?

Yes, it is entirely organic. No chemicals and machines involved.

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