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Packed with nutrients, good cholesterol, and proteins make Amrutam the best desi ghee for your food. Witness how a spoonful of this golden nectar is used in multiple areas in your life. You can thank us later.

These are the benefits of cooking food in A2 cow ghee

Long before ghee started trending as a healthy substitute to butter, it was widely used in most Indian households. Armed with nutrients and a distinct flavor that leaves you wanting more, A2 ghee can lead you towards a more robust lifestyle. The nutritional properties that are known to Indians for ages have started gaining recognition worldwide. Science has also backed up what the ancient Vedas and Ayurvedic Shastras have been proclaiming since ages: cooking food in bilona ghee provides us with a plethora of benefits. The benefits that make A2 cow ghee an absolute essential in your meals include: Pure A2 ghee is all-natural It does not contain any trans fats, additives, or preservatives, mak

What is the difference between vanaspati ghee and A2 cow ghee?

Everyone has gone through the dilemma of choosing between a variety of ghee available in the market. As per various studies, vanaspati does not hold a candle to pure A2 cow ghee. Since it is a cost-effective option, vanaspati ghee is often preferred, and many households in India opt to use it in their cooking. However, like every other ingredient consumed, it is essential to know the health benefits of pure desi A2 ghee and the adverse impact of consuming Vanaspati ghee. The advantages of consuming A2 ghee are far superior and the points below explore this in detail: Source The main difference between the two is the source from which both the ghees originate. A2 cow ghee is made from the mil

Panchkarma with Ayurvedic A2 cow ghee

More than a healing apparatus, Ayurveda is a science of living and wellbeing. Focusing on internal and external peace, it advocates rejuvenation and purification of your body and mind. One such way of promoting purity and longevity is through Panchakarma. The Sanskrit word for ‘five actions’ or ‘five treatments’, Panchakarma is the process of detoxifying the body and restoring balance. Currently, the human body is exposed to environmental toxins, diseases, and poor nutrition. Lifestyle choices, dietary patterns, and lack of exercise have resulted in a state of constant imbalance. Panchakarma is the process to effectively remove these waste materials from your body, and restore the doshas - V

The Magic Elixir: Milk with A2 cow ghee

Like Parle-G with chai, and bread with butter, pure A2 ghee and milk is an irresistible immunity-boosting combination. Ghee has been commended time and again as a superfood due to its nourishing properties, but the benefits of milk and ghee together are lesser-known. A favorite of kids and adults alike, milk itself is highly favorable for health. By adding a spoonful of pure desi ghee to milk, its advantages become endless. This combination helps you stay fit, active, and alert. It enhances your skin and is a natural remedy for many internal health problems. Here are a few reasons to add a glass of milk and A2 ghee to your diet: Boosts digestion By maintaining a sturdy inner lining in the st

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