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Packed with nutrients, good cholesterol, and proteins make Amrutam the best desi ghee for your food. Witness how a spoonful of this golden nectar is used in multiple areas in your life. You can thank us later.

5 ways A2 cow ghee is Whole30 diet compliant

Like most things in life, your body needs a break from the constant abuse of unhealthy takeaways, packaged products, instant noodles, fast-food that has become the new norm. While that does make our lives simpler, it does not quite contribute to our health. Those cupcakes that you ate yesterday erupted on your face like pimples, and that takeaway parcel is now causing you acidity. The Whole30 diet program aims to change just that. Less of a diet and more of a lifestyle, Whole30 encourages you to consume more nutritious options and substitute healthy foods in place of the junk. It’s not your typical diet because you’re not reducing the amount you eat or tracking calories. You’re only eating h

Vedic ghee vs other types of ghee

Based on the preparation method and type of milk including cows, buffalos, and goats, the ghee obtained differs in quality and properties. Vedic ghee refers to the ghee with all the properties described in the Vedas, and Ayurvedic Shastras. It is known for its curative properties and a multitude of benefits to the human body. According to Ayurveda, all the steps required in making ghee should be authentic and natural. Many villages in India continue to use the traditional method of making ghee known as the Bilona or Valona process. What is the bilona process? The bilona process is the traditional method of procuring ghee from milk, specified in the Vedas. Vedic ghee is prepared using this pr

Foolproof ways to check the purity of A2 cow ghee

Desi ghee is a popular ingredient in almost all Indian households. With a warm golden texture and rich, nutty aftertaste, it is a favorite of children and adults alike. Every meal can become delectable and nourishing, with just a spoonful of pure A2 cow ghee. As the largest producer of milk in the world, India makes up 22% of the global production, surpassing the production capacity of America, China, and even Pakistan. Despite being a matter of great pride, the sheer size of India’s dairy industry poses a huge problem─ adulteration. What is adulteration? Adulteration is the process of compromising the quality of food by the addition of another substance to boost profits. According to the Ec

The Paleo Diet and A2 Cow Ghee

To stay fit, and be healthy, many people are adopting various diets and food plans. The Paleo diet has gained momentum because of the wondrous weight loss results by consuming whole, basic food much like the Paleolithic man (caveman). A2 cow ghee fits perfectly in the Paleo diet as it is prepared naturally avoiding modern and adulterated processes. If you are considering adopting the Paleo diet, A2 cow ghee is a must-have. The Concept of the Paleo Diet The crux is that food has evolved exponentially in its process and complexity as compared to the human body and its system. Most of the food that you eat today is too advanced to do any good to the body. It harms more than it helps. Hence, you

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